Televero Health Billing and Payment Policy

  1. A valid credit card or debit card with sufficient balance must be on file at all times to receive services from Televero Health, regardless of your up-front cost for care, if any. If a patient does not have a valid credit card on file 24-hours before their appointment, the session will be automatically canceled and a seventy-five dollar ($75) Late Cancel Fee will be charged.
  2. Patients can change or cancel their appointment up to 24 hours before their appointment only through the patient assistance form located here on this website: or by calling our office at (512) 956-5003. Any appointments missed or canceled with a notice of less than 24 hours will incur an automatic seventy-five dollar ($75) Late Cancel Fee.
  3. Upfront patient fees & out-of-pocket cost can include, but are not limited to: insurance co-pay, co-insurance payments, insurance deductible, late-cancel/n-Show fees, self-pay costs, etc. Any patient fees not covered by insurance will be charged to the patient’s card on file no less than 24 hours no later than the business day before your appointment.
  4. Televero Health will review your applicable behavioral health and mental health benefits to help you understand how your insurance coverage may apply to the cost of care with Televero Health. Any benefits quoted by Televero Health are not a guarantee of coverage. Patients acknowledge that their health insurance policy is an agreement between the patient & their insurance company. Patients are fully responsible understanding their specific benefits as applied to their behavioral health, psychiatric or counseling services conducted via telehealth.
  5. Patients are responsible for the full cost of medical services they receive with Televero Health. Televero Health will submit an insurance claim on behalf of the patient, to their insurance company, for any qualified reimbursement based on the medical services rendered to the patient. Any reimbursement of these charges by your insurance provider will be applied to your Televero Health balance after the insurance company has fully adjudicated your claim. When total charges exceed the amount of reimbursement from your insurance company, Televero Health will bill those charges to your patient account. In the event that the reimbursement amount is equal or greater than the total cost of services, Televero Health will refund that amount to the patient’s card on file within 10 business days.
  6. To reduce unexpected patient balances, future collections will be adjusted based on the paid amount on a Patients Explanation of Benefits (EOB) from their insurance providers review of past dates of service. This adjustment may lead to higher or lower charges for future appointments & Patients agrees to contact their insurance company with questions related to the EOB details.
  7. Once a Patient has received a Statement from Televero Health, they agree to pay that balance within 30-days of receipt. Patients may: pay online or create a payment plan through Televero Health Billing. Any unpaid balance will be sent to collections after 45-days of non-payment and a 3% service charge will be added monthly to the outstanding balance.
  8. Televero reserves the right to cancel any appointment for a patient with an outstanding balance greater than $50. Patients may retain future appointments be setting up a Payment Plan with the Televero Health Billing Department. This can be requested through the Patient Assistance Form on our Website.

No-Show and Late Cancel Policy

Per our Patient Appointment Agreement and Promise to Pay:

Patients acknowledge that they are responsible for any fee’s related to their care. Patients will be provided a review of health insurance benefits through Change Healthcare Verification Services. Patients understand that this estimate is NOT a guarantee of coverage & patients are responsible to understand the details of health insurance coverage. Health insurance is an agreement between the Patient and their insurance company, not the care provider; Televero Health. Patients are financially responsible for any charges exceeding the insurance reimbursement related services rendered at Televero Health.

1. Late Cancellation / Missed Appointment

We understand that there are times when you must miss an appointment due to emergencies or other obligations. Please immediately inform U.S. Televero Health, P.A. staff of any appointment changes so that other patients have an opportunity to receive treatment. Any appointment, missed or cancelled within 24 hours or the appointment time, will incur a seventy-five dollar ($75) fee. For patients with insurance, please note that this fee will NOT be covered by your insurance company. Any appointments cancelled or charged with greater than 24 hours’ notice will not incur a charge. Patients that disagree with a charge to their account may contest that charge by submitting a Patient Assistance Form on our website for review by our billing team.

Should a patient miss 3 or more appointments in a 6-month rolling period, Televero Health reserves the right to discontinue services.

2. Scheduled Appointments

We understand that delays can happen. However, if a patient is more than fifteen (15) minutes late to their scheduled appointment, the session will be cancelled & a seventy-five dollar ($75) Late-Cancel fee will be charged. Patients may reschedule their appointment once patient balance is fully paid.

3. Billing Under Supervision

To deliver the highest quality care to our patients, Televero Health performs services under the supervision of a board-licensed Medical Doctor. This may result in the name of a provider that you did not see in session listed on the Explanation of Benefits or billing statement you receive. Insurance companies acknowledge this as standard medical visit practices.

4. Past Due Account Balances

We require that patients maintain their accounts in good standing. This includes the payment of account balances in full. Patients who have questions about their bills or who would like to discuss payment plans. can reach our billing team, through the, for a review of account details and billing concerns. Televero reserves the exclusive right to terminate services for any patient not in good standing at any time.

Frequent Questions

  • >> I have insurance. Why do I need a credit card on file?

    Patients are required to place a credit or debit card on file. Even though we take insurance, this is required for the following reasons:

    1. To reserve your scheduled appointment slot
    2. To take care of any copays, coinsurance, deductible, or self-pay fees
    3. To cover any late-cancel or no-show fees per our policy


    You will not incur any charges to place your credit card on file. All fees are processed directly through Heartland Payments which is a world-recognized trusted and secure online payment processor that adheres to HIPAA guidelines.

    All insurance policies are different. The amount due will be dependent on your insurance policy coverage. We also will consider the estimated insurance payments (if any) we expect to receive from your insurance provider. Any difference after the claim is fully adjudicated will be charged or refunded to your credit card on file.

  • >> I was credited due to a billing error. How long does it take to recieve the refund?

    Once a refund is initiated by Televero Health, you will see a pending transaction on your card on file for the refunded amount within 5 business days. This timeline to post the funds to your account ultimately depends on your card-issuing bank.

  • >> How do I reach someone at Televero Health with questions?


    The best way to reach Patient Resources at Televero is through our online form. Patients may submit requests 24-hours a day. All patient requests are answered during Televero Health’s standard office hours: 8a – 7p Monday through Saturday – Holidays excluded. Most patient request are answered within 2 business days, based on volume.


Please reach out to our team via phone at (512) 956-5003, or click here to send us a note through our website.