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The Televero Health Difference

Best Clinicians. Best Access. Best Outcomes.

Our clinicians are delivering the next-generation of high-quality virtual behavioral health services. We understand how critical having access to quality behavioral health care is. So we are creating a world where people can receive the help they need from wherever they are while making the process simple and accessible.

For our patients to get the most out of their behavioral health experience, they need to work with experienced telehealth providers that are down to earth so they can feel safe, comfortable, and connected during treatment.

Of course it takes a great team to make that happen. Our team has been carefully cultivated to deliver the highest quality of care to our patients so that they see themselves fully represented with our providers.

You Take Care of Our Patients...

...We Take Care of You

Independence. Flexibility. Security.

Our team provides innovative, data driven care with meaningful and measurable results. We believe that no one should be excluded from receiving the care they need. We employ a unique virtual model that effectively manages both acute and moderate patient populations ranging from pediatrics to seniors in a variety of specialty areas.

The result has attracted amazing provider and healthcare partners and delivered real clinical outcomes.

We provide a consistent stream of patients, a remote work career, and flexible schedules with hourly or salary options.

Our providers are individually matched with each patient and work together in a collaborative environment that is designed to provide exceptional clinical care and outcomes.

And to do your best work you need support from us. We’ve structured our team so that you can operate at the top of your license, with your focus where it should be – on patient care.

We Want You!

Psychiatric: MD, DNP, PMHNP, PA

Counseling: LCSW, LPC

Be a Part of the Best

  • Maintain your independence with less administrative burden
  • Stay consistently busy with the schedule that aligns to your needs
  • Work from anywhere with flexible hours
  • Forget about patient scheduling and no-show headaches
  • We handle all the marketing and billing
  • Work with Primary Care Physicians to deliver integrated care and evidence-based outcomes
  • Practice under the supervision of a licensed MD
  • We take care of all the credentialing
  • Malpractice insurance
  • Tap into ongoing education and mentorship opportunities

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