After You Have Requested an Appointment and Completed Your New Patient Info

We will verify your insurance and schedule your first appointment with the best matching provider for your situation. We will also estimate your out-of-pocket appointment cost, if any. Understanding we cannot guarantee benefits, you should contact your insurance company to determine your policy coverage and benefits.

As soon as your first appointment has been scheduled, we will send you an email confirming your appointment time and date with instructions on how to access your first session.

During Your Appointment

For all appointments, please make sure you are ready to join at least 15 minutes prior to your appointment. Once you have joined the session you will simply wait until your provider joins to see you.

Your provider will give you any instructions regarding required lab work, medications, etc. They can also schedule any follow-up appointments as needed during your appointment.

At the conclusion of the appointment, we will bill your insurance company and if required, charge your credit card the appropriate co-pay, co-insurance, or self-pay charges.

You will be scheduled with the same provider for follow-up sessions unless there is a reason to change.


Please reach out to our team via phone at (512) 956-5003, or click here to send us a note through our website.