Remote Behavioral Health Services

A better choice for your patient referrals with behavioral health needs.

Integrated B2B Tele-Behavioral Health Services

The way Texas professionals do business and patients like to be seen.


Partner With Us to Extend Care Services for Your Patients.

Primary care physicians send their referrals to us when they intercept a patient that has behavioral health needs.

We are a one-stop behavioral health outpatient services provider that handles the entire behavioral health cycle from referral to return to your office – including every aspect of insurance, billing and payment processing.

You Can…

  • Improve clinical care outcomes for those that are suffering

  • Efficiently expand access to care for your patients in need

  • Integrate measurement- based behavioral health via remote delivery

We Will…

  • Act as an extension of your practice as a specialty partner who takes insurance
  • Help you meet growing expected requirements from payers

  • Enable your practice to move into the ever-growing pediatric market

Why Our Partners Love Us

Attractive Ways to Focus, Expand, and Profit.

More Focus

Fills the primary care gap for acute and moderate behavioral health.

Retain Patients

Reduces risk of patient loss and boosts return visit rates to primary care physician.

Expand Options

Creates new paths for behavioral health to drive continuous practice growth.

Maintain Control

Easy and frictionless patient hand-off from primary care to behavioral health


Integrates into your current business with no change to standard office workflow.

Better Visibility

Good patient behavioral health reporting to maintain the patient’s full picture.

Take the Next Step

Discuss how we can fuel your practice growth.

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