Televero Health FAQ

Scheduling and Appointments

How do I get started with your services?
New Patients need to complete their new patient information through this link:
How long after completing my new patient information can I expect to have an appointment?
After registering, you will be offered the next available appointment for the service of your choosing. Generally, patients can expect to have an appointment 7-11 days after registering.
How can I schedule an appointment?
If you are a new patient, once you have registered for services, a staff member will contact you to schedule your initial appointment. If you are an existing patient, you may schedule an appointment with your provider in one of three ways:
  1. Schedule your appointment yourself through the patient portal at
  2. Submitting a Patient Assistance Form for an appointment through our website at
  3. Calling our main line (512) 956-5003, and pressing option 1 for scheduling.
Can I schedule my own appointment?
If you are an established patient who has seen use before, you can schedule your appointment in the patient portal at or call us at (512) 956-5003. For new patients who have not seen us before, you must have your first appointment scheduled by a Televero Health representative. Once you have completed your first appointment, you can then schedule all future appointments in the patient portal.
Do I need to download anything before joining a session?
All sessions are conducted through Zoom. You must have Zoom downloaded on your computer or mobile device in order to connect for a session.
What happens if I cancel my appointment less than 24 hours before my scheduled time?
If an appointment is canceled less than 24 hours before the scheduled time, you will be charged a Late Cancel fee of $75.
What happens if I'm late to an appointment or miss it?
If you are more than 15 minutes late to an appointment, you will be charged a No-Show fee of $75.
What happens if there are no appointments available based on my criteria?
If there are no appointments available, you will be placed on a waitlist.
What number can I call to talk to a scheduler?
You can call (512) 956-5003 and press option 1 to speak to a scheduler.
How do I cancel or reschedule my appointment?
To cancel or reschedule an appointment, you may reach out to us through the Patient Assistance Form on our website, or call the main line and press option 1.

Therapy Questions

What kind of care do you offer?
Televero offers Therapy/Counseling and Medication Management.
Do you offer in-office appointments?
No, we are fully virtual, meaning that all of our sessions are conducted online through our telehealth platform.
Are my virtual sessions recorded?
Sessions are never recorded.
How do I get matched with a provider?
Our team does their best to match you with a provider that fits your criteria (gender, specialties, age, etc.).
What licensure will my provider have?
If you are seeing a counselor, your provider will be an LPC-A, LMSW, LCSW, or LPC. If you are seeing a med-management provider, they will be a PMHNP who collaborates with an MD (Psychiatrist).
How do I join a session?
Prior to joining a session, you will be provided with a secure link that will take you to your virtual Zoom session. If you are having difficulties connecting, you may reach out via our main line.
How do I contact my provider?
To contact your provider, you may submit a Patient Assistance Form here.

Medication Questions

Do you prescribe medications?
Yes, we do prescribe medication, including stimulants.
How long will it take to get my meds?
Generally, medications will be sent to the pharmacy after your appointment. However, if there is a delay, please leave a Patient Assistance Form through our website, and a clinical staff member will assist in making sure you have your meds.
What is your policy for ADHD and stimulant medication?
What is your prescribing policy for anti-anxiety, sleep medication, and opioids?

Billing and Insurance

What happens if my insurance is OON?
If we are out of network with your insurance and there are no out-of-network benefits, you would be required to pay our self-pay fees for each date of service.
Why am I being charged the day before my appointment?
Our policy requires patient responsibility to be collected 24 hours prior to the appointment to ensure the appointment is kept and not canceled in an untimely manner. Just as with any insurance, payment is due prior to services being rendered.
Why am I being charged more than my co-pay?
Depending on your benefits, you will be asked to pay your deductible portion and/or coinsurance if your individual out-of-pocket is remaining.
Why do you need a credit card on file?
Credit cards are required to be on file per company policy to ensure upfront patient copays, deductibles, and/or coinsurances are collected prior to the scheduled appointments .
How can I get in touch with the Billing Department?
You can reach the Billing Department by calling our main line (512) 956-5003 and following the prompts for billing.
How do I pay my balance?
Your balance can be paid by logging into your patient portal at Patient Portal.
How can I dispute a charge?
To dispute a charge, please contact the Billing Department with any issues relating to balances and/or payments.
Why am I seeing another clinician's name on my bill?
Depending on your NP or counselor, we bill under the overseeing/supervising MD who is credentialed with your insurance. This ensures your costs as the patient are kept low and processed in-network.
What is the self-pay rate?
The self-pay rate is our fee for patients who elect not to use insurance or have no insurance. The rate is dependent upon the appointment needed.
Am I able to go on a payment plan?
Payment plans are offered; however, they are handled on a case-by-case basis.
What is your billing and payment policy?

General Questions

What are your phone hours?
We are open from 8:00 A.M to 8:00 P.M CST Mon-Sat.
How do I request my records?
To request your records, you can submit a Patient Assistance Form through our website.
How do I log in to the Patient Portal?
The patient portal is available online at When accessing the portal for the first time, you will need to "register" for your portal account. The button for that process is located at the bottom of the page. It will require the same first and last name, date of birth, and email that you used when completing your new patient information. Once you have registered for the portal, you can then log in using your account credentials.
Are my sessions secure?
All of your sessions are secure and HIPAA compliant.
Do you offer services just in Texas?
Currently, Televero offers services in Texas, meaning that patients have to physically be in Texas to have an appointment.
What is your fax number?
Our fax number is (512) 233-0553.