Televero Health Academic Partnerships

About the Programs

From Medical Director
Robert E Feinstein MD Professor of Clinical Psychiatry


Televero Health partners with several accredited academic institutions to create an educational and academic environment for our clinicians, psychiatric residents, and counseling trainees. This incorporation of mental health trainees with our practitioners delivers additional overall benefits to your patient care and improves the outcomes of your treatment.

We offer tailored supervision, teaching, and mentoring designed specifically for behavioral and mental health trainees. This brings fresh perspectives to our experienced clinicians, promotes team-based care, enhances patient education, encourages a culture of questioning, and ensures that everyone on our clinical team stays up-to-date with the latest medical evidence.

Trainees that participate also help us attract the best senior clinicians and teachers to our organization and help us develop the next well-trained generation of mental health professionals.

What This Means To Patients

Psychiatric residents and other mental health trainees may observe and participate in your care under the supervision of board-certified psychiatrists, board-certified nurse practitioners, and other licensed or certified mental health social workers and psychotherapists.

All trainees are carefully supervised by senior academic clinical staff. Trainees and are not licensed as independent practitioners. All trainees are educated and instructed to follow the strict HIPAA confidentiality rules and all professional guidelines.

We will always inform you if a psychiatric resident or mental health trainee will be present during your visit. You have the option to ask them to not participate at any time or decline participation altogether.


Please reach out to our team via phone at (512) 956-5003, or click here to send us a note through our website.