Televero Health Medication Guidelines and Prescribing Practices

Non-Controlled Medications

Please review these guidelines so you understand our prescribing practices guidelines for non-controlled medication prescribing:

  1. At your appointment, you will receive non-controlled prescriptions which will last for 28 days with or without 1 or 2 refills.
  2. Request medication refills from your clinician at the beginning of each appointment. Confirm your preferred pharmacy. Refill may take 2 to 3 days.
  3. Schedule your regular follow-up appointments to get refills as advised by your clinician at the end of your session.
  4. Changing to a new medication can only be done by scheduling a new appointment
  5. Check your medication bottle for refills. Call your pharmacy, before calling your Televero Health clinician for a refill you thought was done in session. New refills cannot be accessed using an old bottle number. Your pharmacy will have a record of new refills.

Controlled Medications

Controlled medications include stimulants for ADHD, anti-anxiety, and sleep medications, other narcotics. It is extremely important that you following our general guidelines and those listed below

  1. A urine drug screen is initially required for controlled medications and are often required as intervals as specified by your clinician.
  2. You must consult with your doctor prior to making any dose adjustments.
  3. All control medications are initially prescribed for 28 days
  4. Schedule a follow-up appointment for three weeks after your initial prescription.
  5. Once you are stable on a controlled medication, we can order refills monthly and over time may be able to move to refills every two months
  6. You must have an office visit every three months for us to continue prescribing all controlled medications.
  7. You must take your controlled medications responsibly, as directed.
  8. You must take protective measures so that all your medications are not given to others, are lost, or stolen
  9. If you run out of a controlled medication you will need to speak with our triage nurse who will consult with your clinician about refill.
  10. You will be charged $100.00 fee for any early refill of any controlled medication.


Please reach out to our team via phone at (512) 956-5003, or click here to send us a note through our website.