Televero Health Leapfrogs Healthcare into the Modern Age with Its At-Home Solutions for Health & Wellness

Rising Telehealth Company offers no-nonsense approach to putting remote healthcare solutions in the hands of patients, residents, and practitioners

Televero Health is now offering the free use of their video telehealth platform to patients in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, long-term care, and physician offices to better maintain contact with their family caregivers and medical professionals affected by COVID-19.

The Televero platform, accessible across desktop and mobile devices, has become an invaluable tool for families wanting to stay up to date on their loved ones’ care. Meredith F., whose mother resides in an assisted-living facility, opined, “The Televero App has been amazing – I love that I can join in on Mom’s telehealth sessions without having to worry about leaving the house. We’ve even started watching the educational videos the doctor sends over together… 30 minutes, every night. It’s like I’m right there with her.”

With this most recent pandemic, telehealth technology is hurriedly spreading through hospitals, private practices, and consumers’ homes as the need for remote evaluations and treatment evolves. Yet, many early adopters have realized that the existing platforms are limited, designed to provide a video interface option and little else. “Where Televero differs is in its complex, multi-layered care coordination suite” suggests Ray Wolf, COO. “Doctors, nurses – they’re able to track a patient’s care plan adherence: whether they’ve taken their medication, or checked their BP, or just on how they’re feeling at that moment.” Wolf later added, “Our video component works as well as any other, but we’ve always known that the telehealth experience is about much more than emulating the popular business applications … we’re particularly proud of our ability to eliminate barriers around coordinated care. Each communication seam we remove results in better outcomes and a lower total healthcare cost.”

“These ‘Stay-at-Home’ orders are helping slow the spread [of Coronavirus], but patients with existing conditions can’t access the care they need”, says Televero Health founder Philip Sanger, M.D. “Worse, the systems out there now risk mismanaging patients’ protected health information … our platform was designed with confidentially in-mind: safe, secure, HIPAA-compliant.” Sanger continues, “we’re not asking doctors to toss out their EMRs, but to consider a platform designed to work for them that can be up and running remotely without IT assistance, all within an hour.”

Sanger predicts providers will be forced to reevaluate their habits: “In a lot of ways, Coronavirus has lifted the veil – the reality is, so much of how we practice is antiquated by the standards of every other modern industry … much of the treatment services don’t require us to be in the same room as the patient, so why would we risk their health and ours? If we treat remotely, patients will get the same quality of care as they would in-person.”

In addition to the Telehealth platform, Televero offers turnkey specialty and behavioral health care through its network of physicians.

Televero’s Platform is available for providers to try at no-cost through September 30, 2020.